Summer’s Here!

Parenting Tips for Planning a Summer for the Whole Family

We can all remember the feeling of anticipation for the last day of school! The time seems to go by slower but once that day arrives, the excitement of summer awaits. Summertime is an opportunity for children to connect with each other, let go of school responsibilities and simply have fun.

It’s important to plan the summer to make the most of this time with your child. Build-in moments for your family to connect together. You want to ensure your children have a relaxing, fun summer while also maintaining a structure that provides security and predictability. Below are some tips to thoughtfully plan your summer:

Maintain StructureWhile there is space in the summer for flexibility, maintaining a routine will set your family up for a smooth transition back into school. Try your best to maintain consistent wake-up and bedtime, meal times, and designated periods for activities and chores.

Find Activities

As summer approaches, ask your child what activities they’d like to participate in during the summer. Maybe they’re interested in trying a new activity or sport, or spending more time with something they’re passionate about; these days, there’s a camp for everything! Having a consistent activity to engage in will maintain their connection with the world around them, all while continuing to foster their development in an engaging way. 

Fun with the FamilyWhether you’re a stay at home parent or working, it’s important to prioritize time with your children during the summer. Dedicate consistent time to your family, creating fun and creative ways to connect with one another. Whether it’s taking a week to go on a family vacation or spending every Friday night cooking dinner together and playing games, summer is a pivotal time to create traditions and memories with your family that will last.
Limit Screen TimeEspecially when so much of learning is online, it’s important to limit the screen time your child has during the summer. If they have a phone, try setting time limits on their apps and putting them away before bedtime. In inevitable moments where they’re bored, encourage them to get outside or think of a creative activity, instead of resorting to the television or their phones.
Connect with FriendsA major benefit of school is the constant interaction with peers your child has. Make sure to create a space to foster these relationships over the summer, coordinating with other parents on your children spending time together. The summer is a great time for your child to grow socially as they can be encouraged to take initiative with their friendships.

Planning your summer with intention and creativity can transform it into a time of joy, growth, and togetherness for your family. By balancing structured activities with unstructured playtime, you can create a summer that is both enriching and relaxing. And while incorporating these tips for structure is important, summer is a time to practice flexibility! Hold loosely any plans as you and your child practice grace towards one another. Feel free to contact a member of Decade2Connect today if your child needs support throughout the summer.

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