Family Therapy in Golden, CO

Family relationships play an important role in the mental health of all family members. We offer a range of supportive family services including family therapy, parent coaching and workshops.

Family Therapy

Bringing Everyone Together

Family Therapy brings together all family members in one room with the goals of strengthening relationships and improving communication.

Benefits can include:

  • Understanding and organizing family roles

  • Resolving Conflicts

  • Working through a loss or trauma

  • Adjusting to transitions

  • Improving cooperation

Parent Coaching

Positive Parenting

Parent Coaching focuses on helping parents and caregivers position themselves as an active part of their child’s growth and healing. Parents learn to understand the emotions underneath the behavior and develop specific tools to respond in ways that support the child’s development of emotion processing and regulation skills. 


  • Connecting with a supportive non judgmental therapist

  • Increase your child’s ability to identify and manage your feelings

  • Improve your skill and confidence to respond to intense emotions and behaviors

  • Gain a better understanding of how your emotions interact with the emotions of your child

  • Improve your family’s ability to label and manage emotions


Parent Workshop: Emotion Focused Family Therapy

Emotion Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) is an evidence based family therapy model that focuses on helping parents become the emotional and behavioral coach for their child.

Parents learn skills to understand and respond to their child’s emotional pain in a way that facilitates the child’s development of emotional processing and regulation.

Parenting workshops are group-based providing an environment where one can learn from other parents, gain support from others experiencing similar circumstances and have an opportunity to observe and practice skills together.

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