After-School Intensive Outpatient Program in Golden, CO

When your child needs more than traditional therapy, an intensive outpatient program can be a helpful step for their mental wellbeing. Decade2Connect offers a supportive, family-inclusive child IOP in Denver, Colorado.

Healing is holistic.

We developed this After-School Intensive Outpatient Program based on 65+ years of experience helping Colorado children, adolescents, and their families. Healing involves the whole family for true success. That’s why our IOP focuses on the family system.

Who benefits from our IOP?

Child Participants Who:

  • Are age 10-14

  • Are transitioning from a mental health hospitalization, partial hospitalization, residential treatment or a wilderness program

  • Need more than 1 time per week individual therapy

  • Require an IOP for depression or anxiety that persists despite traditional therapy

  • Experience self-destructive, self-harming, or suicidal thoughts or behaviors

  • Struggle with adjusting from a loss, grief, or trauma

  • Have difficulty in school or avoiding school due to mental health issues

  • Will not follow the expectations and routines provided by their parents

  • Find it difficult to maintain positive social/peer relationships

  • Are withdrawing from daily activities or mood disorder

  • Struggle with emotion processing and regulation leading to struggles in the home

Parent Participants Who:

  • Are seeking tools to respond to their child’s emotional/behavioral expressions
  • Want to find a parent support network in Colorado
  • Feel burnt out from managing their child’s challenges
  • Are concerned about how their other children are impacted by their struggling sibling

Intensive Outpatient Curriculum

Our IOP is for children and adolescents ages 10-14, as well as their families. This experiential therapy program runs in-person three times per week in a small group setting by highly-experienced therapists. The treatment duration is 9-12 weeks. Mondays and Thursdays are for the kids and Wednesdays include family programming.


Monday 3:30 -6:30pm
Wednesday 5:00 -8:00pm
Thursday 3:30 – 6:30pm

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is in-network with United!