Family Health & Therapy Services in Lakewood, CO

Because every family deserves happiness, both on the individual level and as a collective unit. Decade2Connect is your mental health partner in hope and healing.

About Decade2Connect in Lakewood

Decade2Connect is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering therapy and family health services for families in Lakewood. Our offices are located in Golden, but we serve the entire Denver area with the mission to connect with families and communities and support them.

Our therapists have extensive experience in many different methods of therapy that can help the entire family connect with each other. Between our extensive outpatient program, individual therapy services, and family services we are committed to restoring hope and healing to families in the Denver area.

Lakewood, Colorado: A Thriving Suburban Community with a Scenic Backdrop

Lakewood, Colorado, combines natural beauty with suburban convenience, making it a desirable destination for both residents and visitors. Located just west of Denver, this vibrant city offers an exceptional quality of life, fostered by its stunning mountain views, extensive cultural resources, and dynamic economy. Established in 1889 but not incorporated until 1969, Lakewood has grown rapidly to become one of Denver’s largest suburbs, offering a diverse and engaging community experience.

Cultural Richness and Economic Vitality

Lakewood’s economy is robust, featuring a mix of retail, healthcare, and educational services. The city is home to the Denver Federal Center, which provides a substantial economic boost and numerous job opportunities. Culturally, Lakewood boasts facilities like the Lakewood Cultural Center and the Belmar area, which serve as hubs for arts, entertainment, and shopping, enriching the local lifestyle and drawing visitors from across the region.

Community and Recreation in Lakewood

Community life in Lakewood is vibrant and inclusive, with a focus on connectivity and accessibility. The city is known for its well-planned neighborhoods and active civic engagement, which are evident in its numerous parks and community events. Education in Lakewood is a priority, with a variety of schools offering excellent educational programs that cater to a diverse student body.

Recreational opportunities abound in Lakewood, with over 80 parks and a vast network of biking and hiking trails. Bear Creek Lake Park, one of the city’s largest recreational areas, offers activities from horseback riding and fishing to hiking and camping, making it a popular weekend destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Lakewood’s strategic approach to development emphasizes sustainability and community well-being. The city invests in green initiatives and infrastructure improvements that aim to enhance resident life while preserving its environmental assets. This forward-thinking mindset ensures that Lakewood continues to thrive as a community that balances growth with sustainability.

Discover Lakewood: Things to do

Lakewood is full of activities and sites that cater to a variety of interests:

  • Lakewood Heritage Center: Explore local history through exhibits and collections that showcase the city’s evolution from its agricultural roots to a modern suburb.
  • Belmar: This vibrant district offers shopping, dining, and entertainment options in a stylish, urban setting.
  • Bear Creek Lake Park: Immerse yourself in the outdoors with this park’s extensive recreational facilities, including trails, a beautiful lake, and ample wildlife.
  • Lakewood Cultural Center: Attend performances and art exhibitions at this community focal point, which hosts regional and national artists.
  • Green Mountain: Ideal for hiking and biking, Green Mountain offers trails with breathtaking views of the Denver metropolitan area.

Lakewood, Colorado, stands out as a city committed to fostering a vibrant community while embracing its natural setting and cultural heritage. With its blend of suburban ease and scenic beauty, Lakewood offers a fulfilling lifestyle and numerous opportunities for discovery and relaxation. As the city continues to develop, it maintains a focus on sustainability and community, inviting everyone to partake in its vibrant culture and beautiful surroundings.

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