Is it Time to Ditch the Babysitter? 

Signs your Child is Ready toStay Home Alone From the moment you have kids, a simple social engagement becomes more complicated: “Can I take my kids with me?”“If not, who’s available to watch them?”“Can I afford the added expense of babysitting?”“Are they somebody I trust?” These questions become common vernacular for parents until one day, […]

Parenting in the Digital Age

Therapist Tips for Fostering a Healthy Relationship with Technology In today’s rapidly evolving world, parenting has taken on new dimensions thanks to the prevalence of digital technology. The digital age offers a wealth of opportunities for learning, connecting, and exploring, but it also presents unique challenges for parents striving to strike a balance between harnessing […]

Facing Middle School Together

How to Support your Childthrough this transition At Decade2Connect, a number of our participants are in the process of transitioning from elementary school to middle school. And although any transition back to school can be difficult, there is a more drastic shift into middle school.  Students likely transition from being the oldest in their school […]

All About Name Changes

Parenting Tips for Supporting your Child’s Identity Journey In today’s society, a fluid identity is becoming more understood and accepted. Especially in the adolescent stages of development, children are beginning to explore who they are outside of what they’ve always been told. And with this discovery often follows a desire to change their name. While […]

Parenting Tips: Pop Culture

Fostering a Healthy Relationship between Pop Culture and Your Child Culture has always had a significant influence over our behavior and mental health. Today, we are awash in technology which can have everyone on a constant stream of information, social media and marketing.  It can feel like we are being bombarded with pop culture; what […]

Is it Time for my Kid to Have a Phone?

The question of children owning phones is a new reality for families. As we move into a technology based society, phones are becoming more necessary, and the age of children receiving them is dropping lower and lower; from teenagers to adolescents as well as kids younger than 10 are receiving phones. Deciding on the right […]

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