Parenting Tips: Black and White Thinking

Encouraging your Child to Explore the Gray Thinking in black and white terms, also known as concrete thinking, is a manner of thinking that sees only extreme ends of a continuum.  In childhood, black and white thinking is developmentally expected. When adults think in black and white terms, it can become a thinking error that […]

Is it Time for my Kid to Have a Phone?

The question of children owning phones is a new reality for families. As we move into a technology based society, phones are becoming more necessary, and the age of children receiving them is dropping lower and lower; from teenagers to adolescents as well as kids younger than 10 are receiving phones. Deciding on the right […]

Therapy Tips: Balancing Extracurricular Activities

As a parent, signing your children up for as many activities as they can fit in their schedule has become expected in our society. Between their interests, your interests for them, and academic expectations, their time fills up quickly! Nevertheless, being involved in too many activities can lead to anxiety and stress, which is why […]

Counseling for a Child Being Bullied

Your child’s been a bit more reserved coming home from school. When you ask how their day was, the replies are becoming shorter and shorter. They’re withdrawing from social situations, not hanging out with their friends like they used to. Maybe they don’t even want to go to school anymore, something they used to look […]

Tips for Single Parenting

In parenting, you become a part of someone else’s life and story. The journey of raising a child becomes a lifelong one. Finding your own balance in this adventure can be a challenge, especially if you’re engaging in it as a single parent. It’s important to prioritize self-care and make time for your own needs, […]

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