Being Playful with your Child

The responsibility of parenthood can often distract from the importance of being playful with your child. Amongst all of the responsibilities and demands of daily life, where is there time to be playful? And as easy as it is to watch this fall to the bottom of the priority list, being playful with your child […]

The Power of Play Therapy

How this Therapeutic Techniquecan Benefit your Child Play is a universal activity that instinctively and creatively engages children in their life experience. It is through play that they explore, learn, and make sense of the world around them. Play allows children to express emotions they otherwise wouldn’t know how to access. There is great benefit […]

How Play Therapy Can Help Children

Play therapists have been trained to support therapeutic play, see unhealthy behaviors that may indicate disorders, and are experienced with the research behind different types of play. But the power of play itself can be harnessed by anyone.

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