My Child is Anxious

Therapeutic Tips For Supporting Your Child’s Anxiety Having feelings of anxiety is part of life. Sometimes, children can feel anxiety that is overwhelming for them. Feelings are experienced in their bodies as tightness of the chest, shortness of breath and the loss of control – all of these new sensations are heightened in children when […]

“My Child Just Came Out”

Support for Parents of LGBTQ+ Youth The moment your child sits you down to tell you they’re gay, your life has changed. Your family is entering into a new reality with a wide array of new emotions and challenges. As a parent, you’re juggling your own reaction along with the immediate protection of and care […]

A Parent’s Back to School Guide

How to Support Your Child Through the School Year Transition At this point, your child is a few weeks into the school year. Routines have been established and the first few days of class introductions have turned to days of learning. The “newness” of the school year is beginning to wear off as friend groups […]

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