“My Child Just Came Out”

Support for Parents of LGBTQ+ Youth

The moment your child sits you down to tell you they’re gay, your life has changed. Your family is entering into a new reality with a wide array of new emotions and challenges. As a parent, you’re juggling your own reaction along with the immediate protection of and care for what your child must be feeling, navigating through uncharted waters and doing so imperfectly (don’t worry, nobody does it perfectly). 

Whether your child just came out to you or has been out for a while, being a parent of a child in the LGBTQ+ community can be difficult. We want to support your family wherever you are in your journey and hope these resources can provide clarity to you and your family as you navigate this journey together:

For Parents:

Podcast: Parenting your LGBTQ Teen This podcast is a great resource for parents who are raising an LGBTQ child.

YouTube Video: How You See Me is a short, informative video to give you a look into LGBTQ stories and experiences.

For Children and Families: 

The Trevor Project The Trevor Project’s mission is to end suicide among LGBTQ young people. Their website offers free counseling support, access to an online LGBTQ youth community and endless resources for both children and parents. This is a free, incredible resource.

Gaychurch.org is a fantastic resource for children and families looking for more education on homosexuality in the church. They also have a list of LGBTQ friendly churches in your area.

Youtube Video: LGBTQ+ 101: An Introduction to the Queer Community

National Alliance of Mental Illness – LGTBQ+ Support:

Local Resources:

Decade2Connect.org Decade2Connect is an LGBTQ affirming organization and our therapists work with LGBTQ children daily.

Denver Health hosts a LGBTQ youth meet up group at the Child Zone the second Monday of every month. If interested, please email erika.croswhite@dhha.org.

Boulder County Public Health OASOS Program (ages 13- 18): 

Colorado Support Project’s List of LGBTQ+ Organizations in Denver Metro Area:

This journey may be scary at first but we hope with these resources and community support, it becomes a journey of empowerment for both you and your child. Remember the most important thing to keep in mind is loving your child. Whatever emotions or challenges come up, your support for them is crucial in navigating their identity with confidence. For more support, please connect with a member of our team today: we are here and available to support you and your child.

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