This One’s for the Girls: Tips for Empowering your Daughter

3 girls in softball uniforms high fiving

March is Women’s History Month and Decade2Connect wants to not only celebrate the women of the past but encourage the daughters and adolescents who are the women of the future. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, coach or mentor of girls, your presence in their life is pivotal. It’s no secret that those “awkward teenage years” […]

The Impact of Social Media on Children

A Parent’s Guide to Setting Effective Limits Gone are the days of kids calling their friends on a landline, writing letters to one another and knocking on their neighbors door to hang out on a Saturday. Most communication for kids nowadays happens through sending selfies back and forth or commenting on each other’s social media […]

Is it Time to Ditch the Babysitter? 

Signs your Child is Ready toStay Home Alone From the moment you have kids, a simple social engagement becomes more complicated: “Can I take my kids with me?”“If not, who’s available to watch them?”“Can I afford the added expense of babysitting?”“Are they somebody I trust?” These questions become common vernacular for parents until one day, […]

Parenting Tips: Pop Culture

Fostering a Healthy Relationship between Pop Culture and Your Child Culture has always had a significant influence over our behavior and mental health. Today, we are awash in technology which can have everyone on a constant stream of information, social media and marketing.  It can feel like we are being bombarded with pop culture; what […]

Is it Time for my Kid to Have a Phone?

The question of children owning phones is a new reality for families. As we move into a technology based society, phones are becoming more necessary, and the age of children receiving them is dropping lower and lower; from teenagers to adolescents as well as kids younger than 10 are receiving phones. Deciding on the right […]

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