Back to School!

Preparing your Child for a Smooth Transition from Summer Break

Regardless of whether they feel excited or sad about the inevitable transition back to school, most students will face some level of anxiety. You and your family had just begun to settle into a summer schedule and before you knew it, the first day of school is around the corner!

Your child may be nervous to be in a new grade, potentially with new peers, or excited to see their friends and jump back into learning. Check out some of our top tips for creating the smoothest transition possible for you and your family:

Gradually Introduce
New Routine:

Try slowly adjusting to this upcoming  new routine before school begins, integrating “summer nights” with school routines. Gradually adjusting your student’s routine can ensure a smoother transition once school begins, avoiding the shock of abrupt changes and making early mornings less daunting.

Make Preparation Exciting

Many students are excited to go back to school and even if they aren’t, there are aspects of school preparation that can be really fun. Create a day out of shopping for school supplies, letting them pick out some items they like, such as a new binder or backpack. If you’re able, it’s also fun to let them pick out a first day of school outfit, celebrating with them the year to come. 

Open Communication

Have open conversations with your child about their feelings regarding the upcoming school year. It’s possible they have fears and by addressing those fears, you can prevent them from growing bigger and bigger. While it can be an exciting process to start school, there is anxiety involved for many kids and your support validates their feelings. 

Ease the Transition

Change can be hard, especially when it’s all at once. Look for opportunities to create positive expectations for what’s to come. Take advantage of opportunities to meet your child’s new teacher, as well as connections with other students in their class or school. Knowing the faces they’ll see on day one will provide comfort.

Positive Outlook

Encourage a positive attitude toward school. Take about the exciting aspects of the upcoming year, such as reuniting with friends, exploring new subjects, and participating in extracurricular activities. Be sure to ask them what they’re most excited about and prepare them for all the opportunities to come, even if they are a little scary.

Maintain Balance

Remember that while you can transition into school well, summer is still happening! Be sure to give your student the opportunity to finish summer well – try going out with a bang! Whether it’s a day at the pool, a trip to the zoo or one final slumber party with friends, create for your children the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of summer one last time.

There is more to this list that ensures a positive transition into school but the most important factor is that you support your child’s individual journey into this new school year. Pay attention to their needs, whether they’re excited or nervous, and only you as the parent can know best what it is they need.

If you need support through this transition, connect with a member of Decade2Connect today. We hope you and your family have a smooth transition back to school!

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