Benefits of Experiential Therapy for Children

Thinking about hands-on therapy for your child?

Sometimes it’s hard for parents and their children to talk about intense emotions. The goal of experiential therapy is to provide families and their children with a safe and supportive environment where they can learn to work through real life issues physically and verbally. 

At Decade2Connect, experiential therapy explores a wide range of engaging activities to help children process their thoughts and emotions.  Our child therapists are particularly helpful for families and children experiencing difficulty communicating their feelings or who have been through traumatic experiences.

Check out some more benefits of experiential therapy below:

Encourages Self ExpressionExperiential therapy provides children with opportunities to express themselves through various activities, such as art, play, or movement, which can help them better understand and communicate their emotions.
Promotes ConnectionExperiential therapy can help children build connections with others. At Decade2Connect, we work to help your child connect to themselves, their family and their community. 
Develop Coping SkillsExperiential therapy provides children with practical coping skills that they can use to manage stress and handle difficult emotions and situations.
Facilitates LearningExperiential therapy allows children to learn new skills and perspectives through hands-on experiences, which can be more engaging than traditional talk therapy.
Enhances self-awarenessExperiential therapy helps children become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which can lead to increased self-awareness and self-reflection.
Supports growth and developmentExperiential therapy provides children with opportunities for personal growth and development by helping them work together through challenges and overcome obstacles.
Improves CommunicationExperiential therapy uses relational components and encouragement to foster and support healthy communication of thoughts and feelings.

Overall, experiential therapy can be a valuable support in helping children to improve their emotional and behavioral well-being. At Decade2Connect we embrace experiential therapy as a great way for children to learn, because experience is the way we all learn!

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