“Chalkboard Affirmations” to Support your Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Decade2Connect is helping families find extra support, especially as the school year wraps up. Outbursts are more common as summer approaches and many families are just trying to hang on.

Years ago, our former residential treatment facility was nestled within the mountains of Colorado. The drive up to campus was up a steep, winding road but what made the drive worth it was the chalkboard nailed to a tree at the top of the hill. Our former director put this chalkboard at the edge of his driveway, consistently writing encouraging affirmation after affirmation – he still does!

chalkboard saying "sunny days are here again" next to a bouquet of sunflowers

Staff, families and visitors always looked forward to what the chalkboard had to say and could often be the encouragement needed to hang on a little longer. Below are some of our favorite chalkboard affirmations – hopefully they can encourage you.

quote on black background
Quote on black background
quote on black background

Hopefully you can find some hope and encouragement in these quotes, no matter what your family is currently going through. If you need more support, connect with a member of Decade2Connect today!

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