Family Check Ins: Our Favorite Dinner Table Topics

Dinner is a great time for families to connect with one another. Our lives can be chaotic and it’s easy to forget the importance of quality time amidst the busyness. Even in the midst of work, school, social obligations and technology, time around the table is a rare opportunity to put those distractions away and check in. 

family sitting at the dinner table

Here are some questions that will help prompt discussion and connection at the dinner table – questions that won’t lead to one word answer!

Reflect on your Days

What was your favorite part of the day? 

What was difficult about your day?

What was a memorable conversation you had today? 

Another approach is “High, Low, Buffalo.” Everyone goes around and says their “high” of the day, their “low” of the day and “buffalo,” which is something completely random to share (kids look forward to this one).

Look Ahead

What are you most looking forward to this week? 

What is something you’re nervous about this week? 

Do you have any upcoming stresses we can support you with?

If you could do anything with the family this weekend, what would it be? 

girl sitting at dinner table
two kids sitting at a kitchen table with vegetables

Get Creative! 

With the typical stress of our lives, it’s just as important to have fun as a family! Use time around the table to tell jokes, make up funny stories together or ask “Would you rather?” questions. Every day, you may need something different to connect as a family and the fun, lighthearted time together is just as intentional as the deeper times.

A secure, loving home is made up not just of the monumental moments but the little ones. Conversations at the dinner table matter. They create both consistency and moments your kids will remember. No matter how busy your lives, carving out time for dinner and connection goes a long way in creating a safe home for your children.

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