The Benefits of Yoga Therapy for Children

All too often, we talk about the body and mind as if they are two separate things. Our thoughts and feelings are real and we feel those expressions manifest in our bodies.

Yoga as a practice, rooted in thousands of years of ancient Indian History, can help individuals become aware of how they think and feel. In recent years, there has been growing evidence to suggest that yoga has a positive impact on mental health, specifically for children.

Here are some reasons reasons yoga is a beneficial practice to implement into your child’s growth and development:

Reduces Stress With the demands of school, extracurriculars and social pressure, children are under more stress than ever. Practicing yoga has been shown to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. This can help reduce feelings of anxiety as your child learns how to listen to and understand their body through the movement of yoga, which leads to…
MindfulnessYoga often incorporates mindfulness practices, such as focusing on the breath and being present in the moment. These practices can help improve self-awareness and reduce negative thoughts.
Improves MoodYoga has been shown to increase levels of the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain, which is associated with improved mood and decreased anxiety.

Along with the mental benefits come the physical benefits. Practicing yoga can help improve activity levels, flexibility, balance, posture and overall energy levels.

For so many children who have trouble concentrating, yoga is a great tool to help children increase focus skills. By focusing on small, specific movements, the mind practices deep concentration, a skill that translates to home and the classroom.

Finally, yoga has a valuable social benefit. Connecting with one another in an active setting bonds participants over similar interests. Our yoga therapist at Decade2Connect centers her yoga practice around connection and our children and families create community with one another on the mat.

Overall, yoga can be a beneficial practice for mental and physical health.  Yoga, due to its ability to reduce stress, improve mood, increase mindfulness, improve sleep, increase physical activity, and provide social support which improves overall wellness.

Decade2Connect currently offers trauma informed yoga as a part of our Intensive Outpatient Program in order to connect your child to their body and mind. If you’re interested in learning more connect with us today!

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