“My Child Just Came Out”

Support for Parents of LGBTQ+ Youth The moment your child sits you down to tell you they’re gay, your life has changed. Your family is entering into a new reality with a wide array of new emotions and challenges. As a parent, you’re juggling your own reaction along with the immediate protection of and care […]

Picking your Battles in Parenting

Parenting is a delicate balancing act between setting boundaries and fostering independence – and the path to healthy parent/child connection is dancing between the two. Everyday, your child will make decisions you don’t agree with; and every day you’re faced with the decision on whether to step in or let it go. Not an easy […]

A Parent’s Back to School Guide

How to Support Your Child Through the School Year Transition At this point, your child is a few weeks into the school year. Routines have been established and the first few days of class introductions have turned to days of learning. The “newness” of the school year is beginning to wear off as friend groups […]

Raising a Deeply Feeling Child

A Parent’s Guide to Supporting andUnderstanding your Highly Emotional Child A highly sensitive child is just that: a child who feels emotions deeply. Just as immense as their joy can be, equal intensity is displayed in their anger and sadness. And as a child, these intense emotions can be difficult to navigate, oftentimes feeling too […]

Helping your Sleepless Child

Parents Guide on SupportingInsomnia in Your Child Insomnia, or sleeplessness, can be a deeply frustrating and difficult experience. When we have trouble sleeping, it carries into the rest of our lives. The lack of sleep affects productivity and focus the next day, making it difficult to function. Beyond productivity, it can be disheartening when we […]

Raising a Child who’s Easily Distracted

There are dozens of distractions vying for our attention at any given time, especially in  the digital era. Many interactions are met with darting eyes as our attention spans progressively decrease. This decline of attention span is evidenced in the distractibility in our children. Whether they’re diagnosed with ADHD or simply overstimulated, many kids are […]

Supporting Your Child Through the Loss of a Parent

Parents play a foundational role in their children’s lives, no matter their level of involvement. Whether a close or estranged relationship, our parents shape who we are. So when a parent dies, that foundation is inevitably shaken. As a child, the loss of a parent is heartbreaking. Children can experience a level of grief which […]

“Can We Get a Dog?”

A Parents Guide toAdding a Pet to the Family The idea of getting a pet is undoubtedly exciting for kids. The mere thought of a dog running around the house can bring immense joy to their faces. While the idea of having a pet can be enticing, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons, […]

Supporting your Child Through Loneliness

As a parent, it’s heart wrenching to see your child feeling lonely. As they enter into adolescent-age, it’s common for friend groups to shift due to a myriad of reasons. And unfortunately, this typically results in many children feeling left behind, disconnected from their friends and believing that they’re alone. Loneliness has detrimental effects on […]

All About Name Changes

Parenting Tips for Supporting your Child’s Identity Journey In today’s society, a fluid identity is becoming more understood and accepted. Especially in the adolescent stages of development, children are beginning to explore who they are outside of what they’ve always been told. And with this discovery often follows a desire to change their name. While […]

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