You Can’t Control Anxiety: Thoughts on Inside Out 2

I’ve been waiting for this day for awhile now: the chance to see Inside Out 2.

The first Pixar movie was poignant with insight on navigating and accepting ALL of our emotions. We watch Sadness go from an unwanted visitor to a necessary friend to Joy throughout the course of the film. Inside Out does such a good job explaining emotions that clips from the movie have become a core part of our IOP curriculum at Decade2Connect.

Joy Sadness Inside Out

So when we found out Inside Out 2 focuses on Anxiety, probably the most prevalent struggle with the adolescents we see, we were eager to see the movie’s portrayal.

And boy, did it deliver.

Anxiety Attack Inside Out

I’ve seen the movie twice so far and still can’t prevent the tears from falling in that final scene (you know the one). Without giving any spoilers, this movie portrays Anxiety in a beautifully messy and authentic way.

So who is Anxiety?

Anxiety thinks of every possible outcome for every possible circumstance…

When we let her run, she will take total control of our minds and bodies…

And she will run and run as long as we let her.

It’s not that Anxiety is bad. But Anxiety will stop at nothing to do what it thinks is best to protect us – which isn’t always what’s best for us.

I won’t say anymore before I give the plot away. If you work in mental health, or invest in your own or your child’s mental health, Inside Out 2 is a beneficial resource for you in explaining emotions to your children. 

One of the biggest takeaways is that no matter how uncomfortable they feel, none of our emotions are bad: they’re all trying to take care of us in the best way they know how. And they all belong. Of course a movie about emotions won’t solve any of our problems. It may, however, be a reminder to be a little kinder to ourselves.

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