Help! My Kid’s in Crisis!

mom consoling son

If your child is in immediate danger, call emergency services (911 or 988, or text “TALK” to 38255) or go to the nearest emergency room. Every parent faces the inevitable reality of watching their kid face an emotional crisis. It’s scary, it’s intense and likely feels way out of your control. Our goal at Decade2Connect […]

A Parent’s Back to School Guide

How to Support Your Child Through the School Year Transition At this point, your child is a few weeks into the school year. Routines have been established and the first few days of class introductions have turned to days of learning. The “newness” of the school year is beginning to wear off as friend groups […]

Parenting Tips: Black and White Thinking

Encouraging your Child to Explore the Gray Thinking in black and white terms, also known as concrete thinking, is a manner of thinking that sees only extreme ends of a continuum.  In childhood, black and white thinking is developmentally expected. When adults think in black and white terms, it can become a thinking error that […]

Finding the Right Therapist for your Child

“Who can you trust?” “Do we really need this help?” “What types of therapy are out there?” These are just a few of the questions you may be struggling to answer. At Decade2Connect we’re committed to helping each family and child receive the support they need. We’re here to answer the questions with you: how […]

Supporting Your Child Through the Loss of a Parent

Parents play a foundational role in their children’s lives, no matter their level of involvement. Whether a close or estranged relationship, our parents shape who we are. So when a parent dies, that foundation is inevitably shaken. As a child, the loss of a parent is heartbreaking. Children can experience a level of grief which […]

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