Teaching Kids Resilience

Teaching Kids Resilience parents talking to child

As parents we want our children to develop the skills to learn from their experiences and push through challenges, but what happens when things you can’t control, like a pandemic, shake up the routine?

A recent article in Psychology Today says resilience is the answer. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. How can you cultivate this in your own child?

The above article, which I encourage you to read, lists several ways to cultivate this durability at home. Some of these include allowing your kids the space to talk and really listening to their concerns, validating their feelings and giving them some autonomy to make their own decisions. These actions can help them learn to solve problems and deal with their emotions, both of which are keys to resilience.

These skills are increasingly important as children enter into adolescence and move towards heading out into the world. Teaching them to understand their feelings, manage their emotions, develop empathy for others and take responsibility for their own decisions and actions, as well as teaching them to problem solve, all add to their ability to cope with life’s unexpected challenges and hardships.

Check out this quick read for more tips on how parents can support the development of resilience at home.

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