Tech Is All Around Us

I use my tech here and there,

I use my tech anywhere

I will use my tech in a car

I will use my tech on a boat

I use my tech during school

I use my tech cause it’s cool

I use my tech all the time

Please tell me all this tech is fine…

Tech is all around us all the time.  It helps us be productive and get our work done.  It also keeps us connected to those in our circles.  While all these things can be positive, tech can also get in the way of other things we are meant to do.  Having a balanced approach to technology use promotes physical, social and emotional health.  Taking a sabbatical, even for a brief time, from technology can be a good way to achieve some balance. Below are some suggestions for how to take some time away.

a family eating dinner at a table
Carve out a technology free zone: Something as simple as no phones at the dinner table can create a great space for connections.
family walking in woods
Identify a technology free time and replace with a fun or connecting activity such as games, crafts or getting outdoors together
Parents, be sure to model the break from technology to help your kids follow suit.
calendar with tech free day written on it
Take a day off from technology each week

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