May is Mental Health Awareness Month

When one member of a family is experiencing challenges with mental health, the whole family can be affected. 

It is common for family life and activities to become organized around the mental health needs of one family member.  When this happens the remaining family members can have a variety of reactions.  One can feel stressed or burnt out, exhausted, neglected, angry or hurt, resentful, and a multitude of other feelings. 

While it’s important to tend to the mental health needs of the one,  It is equally important to be aware of all of the needs of each family member.  Below are a few things to keep in mind that help keep your awareness of the whole family.  

woman drinking coffee
Check in with how YOU are feeling
Do your best to find time to connect with everyone in the family – Even a few minutes goes a long way
talking to sad child
How are other family members doing? Does anyone need extra attention or support?
Are you using your support system?
making cookies with grandma
Create space for other family members to express how they are feeling
man in bath with lemons
Find little ways to practice self care.

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