Family Check Ins: Our Favorite Dinner Table Topics

family sitting at the dinner table

Dinner is a great time for families to connect with one another. Our lives can be chaotic and it’s easy to forget the importance of quality time amidst the busyness. Even in the midst of work, school, social obligations and technology, time around the table is a rare opportunity to put those distractions away and […]

Parenting Tips on Establish Connection:

The Benefit of 2 Minute Connectionbefore Hard Conversations Just like Rome, our brains were not built in a day. The brain is a carefully curated and crafted thing. The brain knows to pull our hand away from something hot before we consciously do, tells us to breathe on our own, and aids in assessing the […]

Therapeutic Tips to Support Your Child’s Stress

Children are facing intense pressures in school, extracurricular activities, and from their peers and family. It can feel like our culture encourages parents to sign their kids up for every club, every team and every advanced class, convincing us that this is the only way to success. Unfortunately, these rising pressures often result in rising […]

Connecting Before Hard Conversations

Whether it’s talking about limits, confronting self-harm, or bringing up a recent upsetting event, it can sometimes change the entire outcome of a conversation when we take a few minutes to connect with our child.

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